Best affiliate earning programs and websites in 2022

List of the Best affiliate earning platforms and websites in 2022

Do you have a website? Are you a blogger thinking about earning revenue from your website? Are you the one whose Google AdSense application has been rejected so many times that you feel like giving up on your online earning dream? Don’t worry we have a solution to your content monetization of your blog or website. YES!! Even if your website is not approved for Google AdSense application, even though you can earn money. Yes, you can earn more when using this technique. This technique of earning money online is called affiliate marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense. And there is no such condition as Google Adsense to earn money. You just have to put the ad and when people click on the ad and purchase through your like you will earn commission on that. In the recent past, Google has made it very difficult to get approval for an Adsense application. They have created so many strict criteria that one may not get approval even after trying harder for years. This in turn demotivates people and people quit blogging. So in this affiliate marketing becomes a lifesaver in order to earn money.

The following are the affiliate programs that I use personally in order to earn. Read the entire blog so that you don’t miss any important affiliate program because it depends on person to person. So do read the entire blog.

Here are the list of best affiliate earning programs and websites in 2020 for web hosting

  1. Bluehost
    Bluehost is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs. You can earn a large amount of money in terms of affiliate revenue. Their plans start from 2/95$/month and one-time payouts starting at $65. The commissions earned on Bluehost affiliates are very high.  They provide excellent customer service. So if you land in any trouble you can get help from Bluehost customer service.
  2. Hostinger
    It offers affiliates worth more than 150$ per sale. It depends on certain conditions. It has a base payout of 60$. They have a high conversion rate. They provide banners and affiliate links to help affiliate marketers to promote Hostinger web hosting.Hostinger hosting is one of the famous hosting platforms so many people buy hosting from this hosting platform. If you use hostinger affiliate program there are great chances that people will buy from your referral link. The thing is that your conversion rate should be higher so that after reading your content people get motivated in order to buy hosting from your referral. This can be a daunting task sometimes but if done in the right way, it can earn you a lot of money.
  3. Cloudways
    Cloudways web hosting is another popular platform for web hosting affiliate programs. It has a high recurring revenue compared to other web hosting affiliate programs. You can also use their hybrid model and get $30 plus  a 7% monthly lifetime commission
  4. HostGator
    If you promote a Hostgator then you can earn up to 100$ per sign up. It has a flexible commission structure and you can also co-brand with the HostGator for your landing page. The more affiliates you refer to, the more commission you will earn. You can choose a hybrid commission model or a recurring payment model.
  5. GreenGeeks
    GreenGeeks is both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. Green Geeks is also a very high paying affiliate program. You must enroll to this program because it can help you earn get great incomes from this affiliate program.
  6. WP Engine
    It has one of the highest payouts. Its starting payout is 200$. They have program features and tier wise commissions. For different tiers, they have different commissions and payouts.
  7. Liquid Web
    The liquid web has its own affiliate marketing program. They run their own affiliate marketing program. They can pay you anything between $150-$7000 per sale. They have one of the best account manager dashboards. They have a two-tier payment system. You will be paid for sales generated through your affiliate links. I personally use this affiliate program. The best thing about this hosting is that it has a very user-friendly application so it won’t be difficult to understand it. You must try this affiliate program because the payouts are great. further information you can get from their website.

Here are the list of best affiliate earning programs and websites in 2022 on ec0mmerce.

List of best affiliate earning programs and websites in 2020 for VPN

  1. IPVanish.   It is one of the best VPN services on the market. It has one of the highest-earning payouts in the VPN industry.
  • For 1 month package you will get 100%  then 35 % recurring revenue 
  • 3 month package : 40% then 35% recurring revenue you will get
  • For 1 & 2 year package : 40% , then 30% recurring revenue.
  1. ExpressVPN.

Express VPN was Founded in 2009, It is one of the popular options for people who are using VPN. Express VPN protects the privacy of online users. Their commission structure is excellent. Express VPN will offer high payouts based on the plan the affiliate marketer is using.

Commission structure of express VPN

  • 1-month package is $13, 
  • 6 months program is $22, and 
  • 12 months program is $36.
  1. NordVPN.

NordVPN is also one of the best affiliate marketing options when it comes to earning online. NordVPN affiliate marketing commissions are based on the subscription plan.

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