Deep Web क्या है? इन्टरनेट का रहस्य | Dark Web Details  Deep Web क्या है?

Deep Web क्या है?

The full form of www is the World Wide Web. It has three parts: Those three parts are from the world wide web.

  1. Surface Web, 
  2. Deep Web 
  3. Dark Web.

 Dark web or deep web is one of the important components of the world wide web.  

What is the Dark Web? 

The dark web is one of the important components of the world wide web. While the surface web is legal and used by most people on the internet whereas Deep or dark web is an illegal part of the internet.If you want to know about internet secrets about the Deep web and you want to know what kind of information is on the darknet? Then you are in the right place..

Dark web or deep is considered to be illegal because the deep web has a market place which sells products which are illegal.

On darknet or deep web the selling and purchasing are done mostly in the form of bitcoins or cryptocurrency. 

The major drawback of using bitcoins and cryptocurrency is that the payment done by this cannot be tracked.  This what makes them illegal and dangerous to use the deep web.

It is possible that you make a payment on the dark web and it turns out to be a fraud. So it prevents this kind of mischief or fraudulent activity darknet has been made illegal to use. If you want to find information that is not present on the normal search index then you can search it on a dark web or darknet.

Here, from a small blog to a large website all come inside www. Looking at its use, it has been divided into 3 parts.

  • Surface Web
  • Deep / Hidden Web
  • Dark Web

Surface web

The surface web is the world wide web where all the website with www is found. Websites like is part of the surface web. These websites can search through a normal search engine. These search engines are a part of the surface web.The problem with the dark web is that it cannot be accessed using a normal web browser like Chrome, Firefox or internet explorer

Dark web or darknet can be accessed using the Tor Browser or Onion Web browser. Let me tell you one thing that on the dark web that only Illegal tasks like Murder, Smuggling, Drug dealing, happens on the dark web so it is Illegal to open it and if someone accidentally opens it, then that person can be jailed. Tor browser and Darknet is a very interesting technology, it is not illegal but you cannot search it either. 

What is the Deep Web?

 All its contents are hidden in HTML Forms. Like WebMail, it is the most common example of Deep Web. Has it ever happened that you have searched on your Internet and someone’s mail has come to you in search?

Nobody’s mail ever comes in search and there are many general examples of such deep web which we use daily. Such as Cloud Storage (Google Drive, One Drive), Online banking info, etc.

You will be surprised to know that, only by searching 5% of the Internet, we can open it by searching from Search Engine, the remaining 95% is hidden.

Deep web on the internet

Why is the Deep Web used?

There is some content on the Internet that is very secret and there is no need for them on Internet Search. All such content is hidden from the Internet by deep or dark web stories. Because everyone has some content that he does not want anyone else to see.

Pros & Cons

 It is not for everyone, if you are an internet user, then you cannot use it. It is illegal to access Dark Net and if someone accesses it without permission, then they may have to go to jail. Its advantage is that a user can know many secrets of the internet through it and there are many such hidden information that cannot be accessed through the normal web. If you cannot access the normal browser, for this a different type of browser is needed which can access the darknet.


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