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What is ETSY?

Do you have an ETSY shop and don’t know how to earn money? Or if you have a shop but your earnings are very low? are you a beginner to ETSY shop and don’t know how to proceed? Then you are in the right place. We have come up with a detailed blog on how to earn money on ETSY in 2020. We have curated a list of tips and tricks that can help you earn money faster on ETSY. These tips and tricks are compiled by an experienced seller as well as their experiences. Read the entire blog so that you don’t miss any important tricks which might make you regret it in the future. So don’t blink just read the entire blog.

# Earn Money using Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace. There are millions of buyers and sellers on Etsy. It’s affordable, efficient, and a fast way to reach people who are interested in buying not only handcrafted art & jewelry but also digital artwork and many more. There are many Modules available that can sync your pick offline store with an online store on Etsy. Like other e-commerce platforms that have product comparison, the good thing about ETSY is that it contains a comparison of sellers also.  You can select among the number sellers which suits your needs. Like product comparison with different sizes and prices which suit your taste. Each seller will have the ratings given by the customers like rate markings for not only the product(its indeed the main thing but other thing add the values too, I hope you guessed me, right!!!) but also the way the seller pour his/her heart into their branding so they can make their own family or audience who can appreciate their amazing work. Everything counts here, product, packaging, branding, and customization of products according to the customer’s taste. It’s not like other famous websites like Amazon or Flipkart or eBay or etc but here, Etsy is made for artists and made by the artist.

How long does it take to Earn Money using ETSY?

If you have a huge fan following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter then it is possible that you will stay earning from day one. Building trust with your customers helps you in setting up your business making it a brand. Customer trust is one of the most valuable assets because they are honest buyers who trust you with the quality of service and product that you provide. Answering the question I would say it would take you around 1 2 months on etsy to generate a sale if you don’t have any social media engagement.

How to generate more traffic on your etsy shop or How to earn money faster using ETSY?

Earn Money using Etsy

Increase your social media presence

To gain an advantage over others you must need to have a social media presence. Social media presence gives you a kick start to your etsy shop and can help boost your revenue earnings. If you already have a social media presence , it helps garner trust to the people about your product or services since people will already know you’re from social media. Some of the most famous social media platforms you should consider to garner a trust with your customers.

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Join Facebook groups

You must keep in mind that you need to promote your products in relevant groups. Groups which are directly or indirectly linked to the product you sell.It will also help increase your sales as you will be able to understand what people actually want.

Learn digital marketing

One of the most important things required to make your online presence on the internet is your technique of digital marketing. Digital marketing techniques will help you climb up the ladder in Google search index page ranking.

Interact with your customers

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important techniques for any seller to increase his income. Interacting with customers builds up a relationship of trust which will help you in the long run in establishing and building up your brand. This works in the long term with gaining trust of your customers and making them your honest customers.

Accept feedback from customers

You must keep a feedback form for your customers so that they can give you their feedback for your product or services. This will help you understand where you are doing wrong, what needs to be improved, and what do users actually want. Improving on customer feedback will help increase your sales while building trust with your customers.

Use marketing techniques

Sales is about building trust relationships with your customers while using marketing techniques to grow your sales.Understand user intent- You must try to understand what is user intent. If you don’t follow user intent your sales would never increase even though trying all the techniques.

Expand your professional circle

Expand your circle. Make contacts with people who have similar interests like yours. This can really help you understand the community and make an impression of yours.

Exchange contacts- Try to build links with other people by exchanging contacts. Exchanging contacts can help you increase your sales to multifold times. The more contacts you have the more sales can be generated. This will help you increase to online as well as offline sales.

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