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GB Whatsapp 

GB whatsapp or whatsapp gb is a modified version of Orginal Whatsapp application. gb whatsapp apk is same like normal android or Ios whatsapp application but the best thing about GB whatsapp is that it has some additional features unlike normal Whatsapp. Nowadays you can easily download GB whatsapp. GB whatsapp is available for downloading in APK format commonly known as gb whatsapp apk or whatsapp gb apk. There are many versions of GB whatsapp and it gets updated every few months or year. You can download GB whatsapp 2018 ,gb whatsapp 2019. There was an update for Gbwhatsapp which came in the month of May in 2019. You will frequently get gb whatsapp new version and gb whatsapp update for the apk that you have installed on your computer. There are also some famous GB whatsapp versions like 

  •  GB whatsapp 6.50
  • GB whatsapp 6.60
  • GB whatsapp 6.85
  • GB whatsapp 6.89
  • gb whatsapp 7.25
  • gb whatsapp 7.81
  • gb whatsapp 7.90
  • gb whatsapp 12.00

gb whatsapp plus & gb whatsapp 12.00  It is similar to normal Whatsapp and its functionalities are somewhat similar too. The benefits of using GB whatsapp is that you get many additional features along with gb whatsapp plus and gb whatsapp 12.00 . With this version of gb whatsapp 12.00 you will get a good range of emoticons. You will get many different emoticons apart from what the normal whatsapp contains. In Gb whatsapp plus & gb whatsapp 12.00 you will get a lot of themes many more themes when compared to normal Whatsapp. It is more secure and encrypted so that no one could spy on your chats. It is very difficult to hack GB whatsapp plus & gb whatsapp 12.00 compared to the normal whatsapp. GB whatsapp plus & gb whatsapp 12.00 is available to download on Android. You can download it easily from the internet without any issue. The best thing about GB whatsapp is that it is absolutely free and it won’t cost a single penny to download. The developers of GB whatsapp plus have made sure that the users don’t need to pay any amount of money for using any feature of GB whatsapp plus.

If you are having an Iphone then also you can use Gb whatsapp because gb whatsapp 12.00 is available for Iphone too. It is very easy to download Gb whatsapp & gb whatsapp 12.00 apk on your Iphone and you can use it without any problem.

You can download Gb whatsapp & gb whatsapp 12.00 from different websites like Apk pure and any other website which lets you download apk files of Gbwhatsapp. The best thing about Gb whatsapp is that it is widely available and you can download it very easily on your phone.

There are also many gb mods whatsapp available on the internet. Gb whatsapp mod is a modified verison of gb whatsapp but with additional features when compared to normal whatsapp applications on your phone.

There are many other versions of whatsapp available one of them is fouad whatsapp. You can download fouad whatsapp from the internet from trusted sources. fouad whatsapp  is also a mod version of whatsapp and the developer of this app has done his best to give as many features as possible. This is one of the best mod whatsap application available on the internet.

You can download fouad whatsapp from any apk downloading website which you trust. It is easily available on the internet.

Now the question that comes to your mind is that whether Gb whatsapp is legal or illegal?

Well Gb whatsapp is in a grey area of being in a legal or illegal app. Google has removed the Gbwhatsapp from playstore stating security reason but people still tend to use it because of the wide range of functionality that it has and given that it gives so much control to the people when compared to the normal whatsapp application that we use. The best thing about Gb whatsapp and its mod versions is that it is available for both android and Iphone so that anyone using these two phones can easily download and use it.

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