Google Input Tools -Best tool on the Internet!

Google Input Tools. Have you ever wondered how will you translate a particular language to another language? do you find it difficult while translating any content to your native language? Dont worry Google has a solution to this problem of yours. Google has developed Google Input tools. The best part of this tool is that it is free of cost and wont cost you a single penny. If you have a Google chorme extension then it is much better because Google has especially designed this tool as a browser extension so that you can use this tool while using your Chorme browser. 

What is the Google Input tool?

The best part of this tool is that it available both online and offline. So you can use this tool without using your internet. So it is as simple as that. This was a gyst about this amazing tool. Lets discuss about this tool in much more details. Lets understand what are benefits of this tool and how this tool by Google can really make you life so easy. Please go through the entire blog so that you don’t miss any important feature which will make you regret afterwards.

It is one of the most important browser extensions. This tool has a lot of features. It is made by Google itself so it is secured as well. if you want to create a virtual keyboard layout in multiple languages. It has support for 90+ languages.  It supports more than 90 language so that means you can work with more than 90 languages using Google input tools which will ultimately make all your daunting task less difficult.

The most customizable, friendly tool to use!

Initially, Google Input Tools were first released with very few languages This encouraged developers to keep on adding more languages on a regular basis. With this browser extension, you can surf the internet in any language you want.

When can you use Google Input Tools?

1.)While surfing the internet The most difficult task while surfing on internet is to read a website in different language. It becomes very difficult when you don’t have tool to translate other language. Google input tools will come to your rescue when you need to translate an unknow language to your known language.

2.)While viewing a webpage in different languages- So the problem here also is the same as discussed above. You can use this tool while viewing webpage in different language.

3.)While talking to a foreigner- If you are online and are talking to a foreigner and you cannot understand his language. then you can use Google input tool to translate his language and do the vice versa while conversing.

4.)If you want to translate an article or textual format into a different language- Translating an article becomes very easy from other language to this language.

How to set up Google Input Tools?

It is very easy to setup Google input tools. If you have a Chrome browser and you want to use the Google input tools. You can download from the playstore which you can access on the browser from their you can download the extension of the Google Input tools.You can also type your language on a virtual keyboard. You select English, Hindi, Marathi, or some other primary language, and even draw in a box that identifies handwriting.

How to use Google Input Tools?

It allows you to type more than 90+ languages with an on-screen keyboard layout which is a virtual keyboard. The best part of a virtual keyboard is that there is no fear of water spills and damage. A virtual keyboard allows you to conveniently browse the internet with more than 90+ languages. Now comes the most important part. 

 Once you’ve made the additions, the on-screen keyboard can be quickly accessed with a left-click on the Google Input Tools extension

 How many languages are supported?

From the ‘Options’ section, you can add or remove languages within a couple of clicks. As mentioned earlier, the program gives you the option to choose from a long list of languages.

Since it works on a wide range of devices, it’s compatible with various Google Tools & Services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube.

The best choice for your PC!

It allows you to type in the language you want. With support for several languages, the extension is used by people in different countries and walks of life.  Moreover, it’s easy to switch between different languages, saving a good amount of your time interacting with people from different cultures. It is certainly one of the best choice for your PC . You can make your computer super computer because now it can instantly translate your article from different language to the one language you know.


  • Support for multiple languages regional and global language
  • Simple and clean and easy to use interface.
  • Free to use online tool
  • It can be used as an offline tool
  • Provides a virtual keyboard for use.
  • Virtual keyboard works in sync with your keyboard connected to the computer
  • Integrates well with Chrome and other browsers


  • No cons noticed as of now


I Hope this article helped you to get all the answers related to Google Input tools. Stay tuned to Studybulletin for more such contents.

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