Google Passage Indexing

Google Passage Indexing

Google occupies one of the major and the biggest share when it comes to Internet technologies.Every day millions of people search about different topics on Google. Ranging from food to buying medicines. Seeking doctors’ advice to hire people. Google has helped people in a lot of ways by providing information to the people about different topics. This article is going to be a detailed analysis on what is Google passage indexing and how it can help your article rank above other articles on Google SERP. So if you are a blogger or a person with a business on Google then grab a pen because you are going to learn a lot in this article.

What Is Google crawling?

Google crawling is a process carried on by Google crawlers. The work of these Google crawlers is to crawl on newly discovered urls and updated contents. These crawlers then store information about those URLs and contents so that it can be indexed later on by Google. Google crawling and Google indexing are two separate processes. If your content or url has been crawled that doesn’t give you assurity that your content will be indexed by Google. Google has set many parameters before it indexes a url or new content. If those parameters are satisfied then only it will be indexed by Google.

What Is Google Indexing?

Google Indexing is a mechanism where Google the content of a webpage in its database. Everyday millions of new blog posts, articles and new web pages get indexed by google. This process is a continued process so that Google can index and store as much information possible on the internet. After Google has indexed the contents of a web page, it then uses a number of factors to analyse the content of the webpage. Based on Google’s defined formula its ranks web pages accordingly on Google SERP.

 What is Google Ranking?

Google Ranking is a mechanism where Google ranks different webpages. Google does this by judging the content of the webpage on different quality parameters. Google has a set defined parameters or formula based on which it decides which content should rank on the top and which not be. Google Ranking is very important if you have an online business and you want to generate leads organically. Organic traffic by Google is very generous. You will receive organic traffic from Google if your web page is ranking on top of Google SERP.

Difference between Google Crawling and Google Indexing

Google Crawling and Google Indexing are two independently separate processes by Google. The work of Google crawler is to gather information about newly discovered URLs and new or update contents. Google crawlers are bots that keep on crawling the entire internet  and store new ursl and contents. 

Google Indexing is the process of storing the crawled web pages and their contents. Google stores these pages in its database for ranking purposes. Once the new contents are stored in Google database , google can then determine the ranking of those web pages based on its factors. The important thing to note here is that it is not necessary that a web page will be crawled always by the google crawlers. If it is crawled then you must keep in mind that it is not necessary that google will index that page into its database. The process of crawling and indexing are two independent processes and are not dependent on each other. The factors for each overlaps but not entirely.

Difference between Google Indexing and Google Ranking 

Google Indexing and Ranking are two separate processes. The metrics for each overlaps but not entirely. Google indexing is the process where Google indexes or stores a web page in its database which has been crawled by Google crawler. But indexing doesn’t mean that the webpage or article that has been indexed will surely rank in Google SERP. Google Ranking depends on various factors. Google ranks a website based on different ranking factors. These factors include both ON page and OFF page SEO. Google Ranking is a very important factor if you want to grow your market organically. High Google ranking leads to more organic traffic and hence results in more leads generation. Thus we should not confuse between Google ranking and Google Indexing. Both are independent of each other.

Google Passage Indexing

Google Passage Indexing is a new change in Google ranking where Google plans to rank the most relevant paragraph of an article based on search query of the user. Passage indexing is not as it sounds. Do not confuse with google indexing particular paragraphs and storing them in their database. Passage indexing is actually ranking passages of an article which fits perfect for a user query. Google will continue to index the entire article and not individual pages. Instead, now google will also rank individual paragraphs if it fits the search query of a user.

You should not be confused between featured snippets and passage indexing. Featured snippets work only if you have structured data for your article whereas there is no need for any structured data for indexing or ranking a passage or paragraph of your article.

Google Passage Indexing or Ranking

Google Passage indexing is actually Google passage Ranking. Google in a clear statement mentioned that it won’t be indexing individual paragraphs instead it will continue to index the entire article. It will use mechanisms to identify individual paragraphs of an article. This will help rank those individual paragraphs irrespective of the entire article. This will help Google provide more precise results to users if it fits the search query of the user. Passage indexing is a step towards improving the search rank of articles while providing precise results to the users who search on Google.

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