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What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a very popular quiz game made by Google.In Google word coach you will be asked simple questions. To answer the questions you will be given two options.You need to answer the question correctly by choosing between the two options. You have to select the correct option amongst the two given options. The motive behind developing Google word coach is to  help increase the English language and vocabulary of people in a fun and interesting way. You will find Google Word Coach under Dictionary and Translation boxes. You can also Google search on your browser “Google Word Search” or “Word Search

Google always tries to improve its search engine by accumulating all sorts of data and then drawing a rational conclusion from those data. Google then uses this data to interact with the user and make their search more interesting and smooth. So that the user always feels fun and engaging in its search engine. Using these techniques Google grabs the attention of its users and users come back again and again. If you search a word on Google for that word Google already provides Dictionary, Treasury, Snippet which allows users to find solutions using one single click. Google Word Coach is one of them. it is really easy to use, improve your English vocabulary and many more.

Google Word coach is basically a quiz game to enhance your vocabulary and English language.Google Word coach has been designed in such a way that it can be used by even a beginner and also pro in English and vocabulary. Every day some new word is introduced or searched on the internet. Google indexes these new words in its database and gathers information about it using users’ search. If you try learning a new word from a dictionary , after a few days you will lose interest but it doesn’t happen with Google word coach. Google word coach allows you to learn Vocabulary and English language in a fun and interesting way. Google Word Coach is a simple way to learn a new word every day.

Any one who wants to learn vocabulary Google Word Coach is the best choice for any new learner. The most amazing part is you dont require any english learning application or software or even a real book. Just Search Google Word Coach on Mobile Chrome Browser, and you start to learn English Vocabulary.

Google designed this App that way it always motivates to learn vocabulary. They give you some points when correcting an answer. If you choose the wrong answer they provide you a full explanation of why your answer is wrong, What is the correct answer and why?

How to Open Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach on Mobile If you are having a smart phone with Google chrome browser then simply search  “Google Word Search” or “Word Search“. 

Note:- Google Word Coach is only for mobile users. It can be accessed only on the phone web browser and not on desktop browser. Also there is no application of Google Word Coach.

 Then it shows one question with two options. You need to select the correct answer otherwise you skip that question then another question has appeared.

How to use Google Word Coach

Once Google Word Coach is launched on your mobile chrome browser or desktop chrome browser then you will be given questions.

In one round a total five-question will appear. If you select correct option you will be awarded some points . Once first round is completed it will show you your score. After every round ends you will be displayed with a score depicting how many correct answers you gave.

You must keep in mind one thing that if you exit or close the browser your score is erased.if you open Word Coach Google next time, It will start with score 0. If you want more quiz click on Next Round.

You can check the detailed explanation of every question. For that click on the drop-down arrow of every question. and learn more.

The best thing is you can share your scores of Google Word coach on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

What kind of questions are asked on Google Word Coach?

  1. Google Word Coach will ask you Word and Image questions:
  2. The word questions are mostly synonyms and antonyms.
  3. The picture questions will ask you to select the image that best fits the word.
  4. You can check the meaning of each word after each round. Word Coach gives you the meaning of each word with usage example.
  5. The higher the level, the tougher the questions. Brace yourself and enjoy Google’s search game.


Google Word Coach is a quiz game only for Mobile browsers. Google does not provide Google Word Coach app for word coach google. You only use this only through browsers. I hope you find your solution for what you are searching for.

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