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How to avoid copyright claim on your content A detailed guide

How to avoid copyright claim on your content A detailed guide

Have you ever got an image copyright issue on your content? Are you a YouTuber or Blogger who is facing copyright claims or copyright strikes on their content by Google or Youtube? Don’t worry we at studybulletin have come with an amazing blog that will tell exactly why does it happen and how to avoid it. Please read through the entire blog so that you don’t miss something important and might regret it later.

If you are a blogger or a vlogger then must be wondering how to avoid this issue. Because if you get copyright issues on your content then Google will block your Adsense account on your website. On Youtube, if your video gets copyright infringement notice then your video will be demonetized. There are two types of copyright on youtube. 

1.) Copyright claim This is done by youtube when you upload a video on your channel. Whenever a video is uploaded on Youtube there is a content-id created so if you have uploaded the exact same video on your channel then Youtube will match the content id of yours with others if found same content-id then Youtube will place a copyright claim on your Channel and then that video will be demonetized.

2.)Copyright strike This is the most dangerous of all. This happens when someone makes a copyright claim on your video. If you get three strikes on your Youtube channel within three months then your channel will be disabled and will never be monetized. All your hard work will go in waste. So you must take this seriously and avoid getting any copyright claim or copy right strike on your channel.

So let’s understand what is copyright infringement and how to avoid it.

Suppose a person creates an image by his own using his own set of tools or let’s consider if a content creator creates a content maybe it is an article or video or any other sort of content, then the content created by you is automatically assigned to that creator as his own property. The content created by that person is assigned to that person as his own property than according to the laws only that person has the right to decide how his content is used and distributed. Copyright of content or material is a legal right.  According to FindLaw A person or the content creator has exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell his or her original work of authorship. This right is extended to photography, literary, musical, dramatic, artists, or architectural work.

The concept behind copyright is very simple. It was brought in to existence in order to save their work from getting sold , copied or reproduced without their permission.

As soon as a material or a content is created the creator of the content is automatically assigned the ownership of the content.  There is no need to register their work with a copyright office.

How to avoid copyright infringement on youtube videos?

 Content creators most often come across one situation where they get copyright infringement notice from Youtube, which leads to demonetization of channel or youtube video.

The best solution to this is to use no copyright songs. Or hire a song creator for you who would exclusively create songs for your videos. Sometimes it happens that copyright infringement occurs on the dialogue or the names or some logos you show or speak on your youtube videos. To solve this problem you need to first take permission from the concerned authority or person who created that content. This would help you avoid copyright infringement on your youtube videos.

How to avoid copyright infringement on your blog or website?

Copyright infringement on the blog or any kind of website mostly happens because of copyright images or content. If you have used a copyrighted image an image already present in another website and you are using that image in your website without their permission, and that person sends a copyright claim on your website, then google will demonetize your Adsense account and all the money you earned will be lost.

Google to google image and search the image you want. Then

Then click on tools and then click on usage right. Then you can download the image and use it in your blog.


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