How to start Podcasting  journey this year – A Guide

What is a podcast?

# Lets learn how to start Podcasting journey

A podcast is a digital audio file made in an episodic manner.  The podcast is a digital audio file that is in a downloadable format. It can be downloaded digitally to a personal storage device. You can listen to a podcast online from a podcast streaming platform. After downloading a podcast you can listen to it offline. It can also be downloaded on mobile devices and you can listen to it while traveling or doing some other activity. Streaming applications or podcast services will provide a very convenient way to listen to podcasts. The podcast can be streamed on various topics.

Why is it important?

Nowadays podcast has become very important for any digital marketing. If you have a business on the internet then streaming a podcast can be very helpful when it comes to digital marketing promotion strategy. The podcast has become a new way of making your business reachable to the masses in a very short span. You can record podcast relating to your niche in an episodic manner and then release it online on podcast streaming platforms like Spotify, google podcast extra. 

How to start a podcast?

  1. You should try to come up with a concept (it can be a topic, name, format and target or  length for each episode). You must design each episode keeping in mind the niche for your targeted audience.
  2. You can also design artwork and write a description of it. This will help you to create a  “brand” of your podcast.
  3. One of the important things to note is that you should try recording and editing your audio files (like.MP3s or any other audio format) to give it an extra effect rather than just a plane normal audio. You can use a microphone or any other electronic gadget to record your audio files.
  4. The next most important thing is to find a platform to host all your audio files. It depends on you whether you want to host your podcast on a free platform or a paid platform. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss it in another blog.
  5. The last and the most important thing to note is that you should compile all these audio files into an “RSS feed”. This will help distribute your audio files on various platforms and people can listen and or download it on any device on-demand.

Equipment required to stream your podcast

  1. Computer  A computer is a must if you are recording a podcast on a computer. It becomes much easy to edit or mix your podcast or audio files that you have recorded. You can easily record a podcast on a particular niche and upload it to your preferred platform.
  2. Microphones Microphones are undoubtedly the most important thing. You can record your podcast from the microphone. This will enable you to record your audio more clearly and without any problem. If you are using a microphone, it will help you with noise cancellation. Usually, when you record a podcast without a microphone, you may get interrupted with other unnecessary noise from surrounding which you will have to remove. If you use a microphone which has noise cancellation, most of the work will be done. Check the list of most affordable noise cancellation microphone for recording podcasts.
  3. Headphones Headphones are one of the most important gadgets for your podcasting journey. After recording your podcast you will need to hear it in order to edit your podcast. Headphones can prove to be very effective when it comes to editing your podcast. You need to have a good podcast in order to listen to every single noise so that you can remove it later. Headphones are very essential when it comes to noise cancellation in your podcast.
  4. Mic Stands Mic stands are optional. If you are facing difficulty in terms of the height of your microphone, you can buy a mic stand and adjust your microphone there. Mic stands help provide good stability to your microphone while recording your podcasts.
  5. Microphone Cables Buy all the required microphone cables. Microphones are very important when it comes to recording a podcast. So you must ensure that you have all the necessary cables that you require. So that your microphone is ready to be used.
  6. Editing Software Editing software is very important for editing your podcast. Usually, when you record a podcast there are certain things which you want to remove. You may realize it later on after recording your entire podcast. You can remove any unwanted part, or add some background music to your audio. This becomes very easy when you are using a editing software. You can use the following editing software in order to edit your podcast or video files.
  7. Podcast Hosting After you have created your podcast, you must find a proper hosting platform for your podcast. You can use the Spotify podcast or Google podcast. These platforms are one of the most-streamed podcast platforms.
  8. Mobile Podcasting Gear   Mobile podcasting is very low on budget for a beginner. So this becomes one of the lowest risk investment model if you want to be in podcasting niche. Mobile podcasting is getting good amount of viewership in podcasting streaming platforms. More people tend to podcast from their mobile if they cannot bear the cost of setting up the entire setup of podcasting. So this becomes very beneficial for beginners in podcasting.
  9. Microphone You will need a microphone for recording all your podcasts. A microphone helps to record your podcast with ease. It also helps remove noise cancellation while recording your podcast. Microphone is important and is required for both. People who are using computer or mobile phones. So you must carefully choose the type of microphone you want for your podcast recording.
  10. SD Card SD card is also very important for person who is recording his podcast using a mobile phone. Usually, mobile phones have a limited amount of storage. You can use SD cards to store your podcast. You can keep a collection of your entire podcasts in your SD card and may re-release them whenever you want.

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Platforms to host your podcast

  1. Buzzsprout
  2.  PodBean
  3. Transistor
  4. Simplecast
  5. Captivate
  6.  Spreaker
  7. Castos
  8. Fusebox
  9. Audioboom


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