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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online in 7 Ways | Simple 7 tricks

Youtube is a very famous platform. It is a video sharing platform where every minute 300 hours of video is uploaded. According to some reports 5 billions videos are watched on Youtube every single day and it has a whopping 30 million visitors every day. Now you can imagine the amount of video content being shared on Youtube everyday. There’s a lot of activity going on Youtube every single minute. Given the huge amount of video content being uploaded every single minute there are a lot of videos that do not follow the policies and guidelines of Youtube. So as a measure to keep the video sharing platform clean and away from illegal contents Youtube deletes many such videos. The videos are deleted so as to keep a check on the quality of the contents and to maintain the policies and guidelines of Youtube.So watching deleted youtube videos becomes difficult if you don’t know the right steps.

You might be thinking now that is it possible to watch deleted youtube videos? Yes!!

Watching deleted youtube videos is not that difficult but before knowing how we can watch or recover those Youtube videos we must know what incites Youtube to delete videos uploaded by creators.

  • Illegal Contents/ Harmful or dangerous content
    • Sensitive Contents Youtube has its own policies and guidelines for Youtube creators. These policies and guidelines should be followed strictly . If YouTube found you violating these policies , Youtube is entitled to either de-monetize your video or channel, close your channel,delete your videos or block your adsense if you have one. Lets see what are Youtube policies which incites its to delete youtube video
      • Child safety You should not upload content which promote child nuditiy or pornography in any way. You must ensure that any such content which promotes pediphile activity is not present on your content.
      • Custom thumbnails You should not use click bait thumbnails. You should use thumbnails which are related to your content.
      • Nudity and Sexual contents You should not promote pornography or sexual content on your video. There should be no nudity or pornographic content. Incorporating these contents is not following the guidelines of Youtube.
      • Suicide & Self Injury Your video should not contain suicide or Self injury related contents. These kinds of contents 
  • Violent or dangerous contents
  • Harassment or Cyberbullying Harassment or cyberbullying is against the policy guidelines of Youtube platform
  • Harmful or dangerous contents You should not post any harmful or dangerous content on Youtube which promotes violence or any such dangerous activity.
  • Hate speech Hate speech is against Youtube policy guidelines so you should not make a hate speech video against a particular community ,organization or a particular individual. Recently a famous Youtubers video was put down because of hate speech. His video was deleted owing to involvement of hate speech against a particular organization. This is against Youtube policies and guidelines.
  • Violent criminal Organization You should not promote any terrorist group or organizations which are criminally associated with some illegal activities. Promoting such criminal or violent organization is against youtube policies.
  • Violent or graphic content  You should not promote or make videos regarding Violent graphic contents. It is against youtube policies.
  • Regulated Goods 
    • Content that features a firearm Promotion of regulated firearms are also against the policies of Youtube Guidelines. Once video is deleted from youtube it will become very difficult to watch deleted youtube videos.
    • Sale of illegal or regulated goods
  • Privacy or security issues If you are violating anyone’s privacy or security , it can be any organization , community or individual it may lead to your video getting banned or deleted from Youtube
  • Copied Contents You are not allowed to use copied content of any creator. After three strikes by Youtube on your channel , your adsense will be blocked completely. It is also possible that Youtube might delete or ban your channel permanently.

We all have our favourite creators on Youtube who will follow religiously. But sometimes some videos do not follow the guidelines and hence they are removed or deleted by Youtube. In that case watching that youtube video or recovering it becomes impossible if you don’t know the correct process. 

So here is a list of ways using which you can watch deleted Youtube Videos and also recover them (Must read my Ninja technique to find a deleted youtube video!)

    1. + name Of TheYoutubeVideo you are looking for” This will tell Google to search Google database filter out only Youtube videos+ name Of TheYoutubeVideo you are looking for . This will filter out and give you only a limited set of results fulfilling your query.If you know the exact name then it becomes very easy to find out that video. This step is very simple to watch deleted youtube videos. The only condition here to watch a deleted youtube video is that you should know the exact name of that Youtube Video. Beating around the bush won’t help finding the right video using this method. Similarly if someone has posted that youtube video on facebook then also it is possible to watch that deleted youtube video. You just need to modify the query a bit. Eg name of the youtube video posted on facebook. Using this method you can search all the possible websites where you think that youtube video might have been posted. This makes our task much easier but you have to know the exact name of the deleted youtube video that  you are searching for.
    2. WayBack Machine I called it the Time Machine of Internet  Wayback machine. The name says it all. Using this website you can watch deleted youtube videos with links. Using this you can watch deleted videos online.You can look into the past of any website. Using a way back archive you can look at what a particular website or domain was looking at a particular time in the past.  The Wayback machine keeps on crawling the websites or domains on a time basis. It keeps indexing and storing the data about a website on a periodic basis. This helps us look at the past of a website and how it worked. Using this way you can watch a deleted youtube video easily. For this the only mandatory requirement is that you need the URL of the delete video. You have to find the url of the deleted video and then paste it into the web.archive which is also called Wayback Archive Machine. After that you will see the calendar. The calendar will mention the dates on which the web archive machine had crawled that website. For some websites you will see multiple crawl dates but for some you will see just one. You need to click on those dates. You will be landed on that particular website. Now you can easily see the past of that website. Same logic you have to apply for your deleted youtube video. You have to paste that url video and then you can see the past of the youtube. Right click on the video to download it. This way you can easily watch the deleted youtube videos.
  • You can email to the Creator It happens many times that a creator after uploading a video makes it private or hides the youtube video  so that no one can see the video. It often seems that the video has been deleted. In that case you can personally email the creator to share the video you want to watch. This can be possible if you have a good connection with the creator.You must try this method of emailing and asking for the video link. This can be a really good way in watching a private youtube video.
  • Taking A backup of your video(For Youtube Content Creators) Restoring youtube video becomes easy once you have a backup of your content.This tip is for new Youtube content creators.Many new content creators don’t pay efforts in taking backup of their videos before uploading. This carelessness backfires when due to some policy guidelines , their video gets deleted. Then there’s no way they can edit their old video and reupload to it. This is why one should never forget to take backup of their content before uploading it to youtube. Better take backup of your contents on a cloud drive. It will prevent your data from getting stolen from your physical storage drives like pendrive, external hard disks, cds etc,
  • Youtube creators Support If you are a new creator and you are thinking is it possible to recover your accidentally deleted youtube video? Then let me tell you Yes!! You can recover your deleted youtube video with the help of Youtube Creators support team. 
  • Click on the profile icon of your Youtube Channel 
      1. Click on the Help button
      2. Then click on Need More help
      3. Then click on Get creator support
      4. Then click on Channel and Video features
      5. Click on Request Chat
      6. You will get a chat box with fields with information that you need to fill
      7. Enter your name and details
      8. Enter you Channel URl
      9. Then also enter the Video id of the video that got deleted
      10. You can copy video id using the below method
      11. If you have any proof of your video getting deleted then make into a file and upload it to the support team
      12. Then click on Submit button
      13. After this you will soon receive an email
      14. This method mostly works the only thing is you have to keep some patience
      15. Now you can get your deleted youtube videos back and they will soon be recovered by the Youtube support team.
  • Youtube Video Id method Using this method you can easily retrieve deleted youtube video .Suppose you are scrolling through a playlist of your favourite creator and you find that some youtube videos are terminated. But you still want to watch those videos. Here is a unique method of trying to find out about that video. It is a full proof method. Even if you don’t get the video but still you will get to know some information about that video. What you have to do is just 
  • Right click on the video and copy the url eg your URL is
      1. Open your notepad and paste
      2. Now copy the video id that is there in the url
      3. Eg for the URL  the video ID would be Ti4Nl5OF8OI
      4. Copy and paste Ti4Nl5OF8OI into Google
      5. In the search result you will see the exact video you are looking for
      6. Every video on Youtube has a unique id and based on that unique id you can watch that youtube video even if it’s deleted.
      7. If you still didn’t find the right video you are looking for then click on Images and look for the correct thumbnail that might be related to that video.
      8. Now even if you don’t have the video but now you know at least what it contained.
  • Ninja Technique to find and watch a deleted youtube Video(Web/TV serials or Movies) I have named this Ninja Technique because I wanted to 🙂 . Moreover its an alternate solution if you couldn’t find the deleted youtube video using Wayback archive(most reliable method). This method can help you easily retrieve deleted videos

Suppose you have the URL of a deleted youtube video and you want to watch it anyhow. And then you went to Wayback Archive to search for a cached video of that particular deleted youtube video. But unfortunately Wayback archive did not have any cached data of that particular video on its archive then what you can do is follow the Youtube Video Id method. Just copy the Video id of that particular deleted video of youtube and then paste it on Google. You will get results of the videos. You have to observe the video length of each video. Some videos might be trailers or teaser of that particular video(Web/TV serial or Movies. So you don’t have to click that. Just copy the title of that particular video and search it on different video sharing platforms. Eg Daily motion, Alt Balaji, &Tv or wherever you can think of. Another way is that you can click on the images. There also you have to observe the time duration of that video. You can also click on the images to check which website is hosting that image.This way you can even find a video which is impossible to find on the internet. Google images search displays all the websites which contain that image or thumbnail.You can easily recover the deleted youtube video using this method. Searching this way increases the probabilities of finding the video even if it’s deleted on youtube. 

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