Windows Movie Maker | A detailed Guide for video editing

Windows Movie Maker is one of the inbuilt softwares of Microsoft windows. When you install Windows 10 on your computer then you will get many pre-installed softwares. One of them is a windows movies maker. The best thing about this software is that it is free of cost. Microsoft doesn’t charge you a single penny to use it. Also one of the most notable things about this software is that like other free softwares which have a watermark , this software doesn’t have any water mark. You can create a clean video or edit your pictures without any watermark.

Windows Movie Maker

  1. You must have observed that whenever you download any free software or a mobile application to edit your videos or pictures then it is often seen that after editing the video or picture a watermark gets attached to the video or the software. This is a great distraction for anyone who sees your content but along with it has to also see the watermark image on your content. This can be annoying as well as irritating for anyone who watches your content.
  2. Also to for content creators who have just started their career as a creator it is advisable that they use software which doesn’t attaches watermarks to contents that these creators make.
  3. Now let’s talk about the benefits of using windows movie maker.
  4. You can create photo collage in widows movie maker.
  5. You can apply different kinds of filter. Filters are effects of colours that you can apply on your videos or images. There are many editing options for your pictures and videos as well.
  6. For your pictures you can crop them to remove any unnecessary parts. You can crop them to a particular dimensions. You can add new effects on those images.
  7. While editing videos you can cut, add, trim the videos. You can add sound effects, background music, multiple audios at the same time. You can also add 3d effects, the way each video enters. You can add subtitles to the video. You can make the texts or subtitles float on the screen.  The best thing is that you can work with multiple videos and edit them at the same time.
  8. One of the best thing is that you can share the videos as soon as you create. One of the important thing to note about this is that the video format that you create is compatible with all the video platforms. So there is no problem. Also one of the greatest thing to note about windows movie maker is that there is no watermark in this video maker. After video editing there is no sticky water mark.
  9. So you must try it if you are a content creators. 


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People also ask/ Frequently asked questions on Google

  • Is Windows Movie Maker still available?

Ans  Yes Windows movie maker is still available

  • Does Windows 10 have Windows Movie Maker?

Ans  Yes windows 10 have windows movie maker

  • How do I download Windows Movie Maker?

Ans Windows movie maker is by default available in Windows 10

  • How do I get Windows Movie Maker for 2020?

Ans Windows movie maker is already present in Windows OS.

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